Itai Pinki is a Magic-comedian that has been involved in the world of magic shows for adult audiences for over 15 years.

His show is amazingly funny. It’s a special entertaining act that combines stand-up comedy with a spectacular magic show.

This is not “just another show” where the guests clap from their seats.



Gideon researches astonishment, and for over a decade has been exploring new ways to bring that sensation to his audience. A rising star here in Israel, watch Gideon as he reads your mind and preforms other superhuman feats!



Throughout the years, Daniel has developed a  unique method called Deductive Mind-reading,

which is based on his keen ability to reach amazing conclusions from the most subtle hints.

This technique, combined with a captivating stage presence, tons of charisma and a sharp sense of humor, enable Daniel to take you on crazy rollercoaster-ride of a show that is bound to turn even the most skeptical of viewers into believers!


Ran Gafner is one of the most creative minds in the field of mentalism.
He appeared in numerous T.V. shows and won the European Cup in Mentalism in 2015. He will represent Israel in the world championship of magic in July 2015.

He will surely make your jaw drop!



Matan Rosenberg has been entertaining audiences worldwide with his special flavor of “Close-up Magic”.

His amazing energy and personal connection is instantly felt, thus creating an easy feeling
that relaxes and entices the audience for more.

Internationally, Matan is considered to be an expert in “Sleight of Hand” with playing cards


head_liweroThe Drude:

Your MC for the night, a long time member of The Society of American Magicians, has pioneered the art of Thought Planting.

While many mentalists focus on mind reading, The Drude puts ideas, thoughts, and feelings in people’s minds, with the exception of his wife.