The show is appropriate from 12 years and on. Children under 12 years of age might not be admitted.

Because the show is geared towards an adult audience, we recommend the show for ages 12 and up

The show is in English – so if the child is not a native speaker, they will not enjoy the show and become disruptive.
The show ends at 11:00pm – younger kids may become very tired, and some tired kids become disruptive.
1/2 the stage show is always a mentalist (We combine a mentalist, and a comedy magic act). For some younger kids mentalism seems boring, and they become disruptive.
Some younger kids are still not well versed in what it means to be “good audience” (heck, some adults aren’t either…) – and they can become disruptive.

Why us the word “disruptive” so many times? Because from our experience, disruptive kids means distracted parents, and unhappy guests surrounding the kid’s table…

Normally, there is plenty of street parking around the venue.
There is also a parking lot at the end of Miraguza street, one block away from the venue.

Yes there are.

Kashrut is location dependent. Please check our venues page to see specifics here 

There is a minimum of 60 Shekels consumption per person. You can drink, you can eat, you can do both, as long as you get to the minimum per person.

Yes it is, however, please write us a note and let us know you will need a wheelchair friendly table.

No. The magic at the table, and the stage show are both done in English. If there are people in your group who are not fluent in English, they will not enjoy the evening at all.

We only offer discounts for groups of 20 or more. Discounts for groups are not available during the summer months (June-September)

Yes you can. When you get to the PayPal login screen, there will be an option for “Pay with credit card” or “I don’t have a PayPal account”. Click on that option, and you can enter credit card information directly there.

Sorry, no…

We are happy to accommodate any group size up to 60 people at our regular Sorcerers Night shows, and for larger groups, we can organize a private event.

That depends on the crowd size, venue, day of the week, the number of magicians you would need, etc. Let’s talk about it, and we will be happy to tailor an experience that would fit your needs.

Since the tickets are nonrefundable, we almost NEVER get cancellations. So if it says the show is sold out on the site, the likelihood of getting a ticket is, well, none… Sorry…

Ticket sales are FINAL. There is no refunds.