Is the show appropriate for kids? / What is the minimum age for the show?

The show is appropriate from 12 years and on. Children under 12 years of age might not be admitted.

Because the show is geared towards an adult audience, we recommend the show for ages 12 and up

The show is in English – so if the child is not a native speaker, they will not enjoy the show and become disruptive.
The show ends at 11:00pm – younger kids may become very tired, and some tired kids become disruptive.
1/2 the stage show is always a mentalist (We combine a mentalist, and a comedy magic act). For some younger kids mentalism seems boring, and they become disruptive.
Some younger kids are still not well versed in what it means to be “good audience” (heck, some adults aren’t either…) – and they can become disruptive.

Why us the word “disruptive” so many times? Because from our experience, disruptive kids means distracted parents, and unhappy guests surrounding the kid’s table…